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Gobble, Gobble It's Turkey Day

Well that day is upon us.  That time when we gorge ourselves on Turkey and Dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy. Of course, someone always brings the Jello Salad to the table.  But here’s the rub…Why do we celebrate this day?  What makes this day so special and... Read more

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TBA Columns

Snowflake Potatoes

I made mention of these potatoes and thought that since I like them so much as do my family, I would give you the recipe for them.  What’s so amazing about these potatoes is that they have a good amount of protein in them and you don’t have to add gravy to t... Read more


Your Life Depends on It

Most everyone understands the importance of physical health, and how much exercise contributes to our physical health. However, according to current studies people are just not following through on maintaining an exercise plan for their life. Regular cardiovascular exer... Read more

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